WIT Webinar - Toys To TV: Turning Your Toy Concept Into an Animated Series

04/25/2017 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM ET


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Rita Street has done what some say is impossible; she's turned a doll design, a multi-player game and soon, a vinyl toy concept, into TV shows. This busy executive producer and development artist has sold 16 shows in the last ten years, five of which have made it out of development and into production. Her secret? Listening to buyers' one request—give me a unique hero that kids want to be like or have as their best friend.


Join us for the next WIT Learn the Ropes Webinar and get the inside scoop on Rita's development system including:

  • Toys & TV: A Hybrid Relationship That Sells & Why
  • Buyers Want Unique Heroes: Here's How To Write A Smashing Character Bio
  • Loglines: Learn to Luv 'Em
  • Episode Springboards: How To Make Them Engaging
  • The Ultimate Toys-to-TV Bible
  • The Pitch: How to Knock Your Toy-to-TV Pitch Out of the Park




Rita Street is an executive producer and indie development artist at Radar Cartoons, LLC. She will soon be opening a new development company, Panita Productions, dedicated to sourcing, developing and selling Latin American content. 


As a writer, Rita has spent her career dedicated to creating great “heroes” that audiences want to embrace (and buyers want to pick-up), which lead to the publication of her ebook: “A Cartoon Girl’s Secret Guide to Developing Kids’ Comedies That Sell.” 


Rita’s executive producer credits include: “Hero: 108” which ran for two seasons on Cartoon Network; “Teenage Fairytale Dropouts” which aired on The Hub, and “Ruby Gloom” airing now on Netflix. She is currently developing a Latin American network project, as well as a new series due to air on a major global network.  Rita is also the executive producer of a computer graphics (CG) feature film project called “100% Wolf” for producer Flying Bark in Australia.   


Rita served as a former publisher of Animation Magazine, and is the founder of the international non-profit organization, Women in Animation.


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